Our Food Theory

1. Eat whole, real foods

At the Mixx

  • Fresh produce is delivered seven days a week.
  • Meat is grilled and portioned fresh daily.
  • Oils used for cooking and salad dressings are non-GMO certified.
  • All ingredients are unprocessed and contain no high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors.

At Home

  • At the grocery store, shop on the outside aisles: produce and proteins.
  • Avoid bar codes (i.e., factory-made goods with a long list of ingredients).
  • Avoid processed foods and preservatives.

2. Source locally when possible

At the Mixx

At Home:

  • Shop Farmer’s Markets and Support your community

3. Make everything from scratch

At the Mixx:

  • Everything we serve is scratch-made in-house.
  • Each of our salad dressings is made from scratch.
  • We start each day chopping, measuring, cooking and portioning. We call it our

At Home:

  • Let the food do the hard work for you: Use the best, freshest ingredients, and keep your recipes simple.

And when you do…

Health improves

Food tastes delicious

Sustainability increases