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Origins of the Spicy New Shi Jing Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

by Jo Marie Scaglia


Kim Chi


Is anyone else out there just a little weirded out by jars of Kimchi? It’s one of the hottest food trends popping up, but when I buy it I just don’t know if I want to taste what’s in the jar or use the whole thing as a doorstop. I decided that the only way I would try Kimchi was if I made it myself, which is what I did. It’s the featured ingredient in the new Shi Jing Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

So, the basics of Kimchi are the following:

  • It’s a Korean fermented vegetable side dish that is traditionally made of vegetables and seasonings.
  • Old school Kimchi is made and then allowed to ferment underground in jars. (I didn’t do this with my Kimchi though!)
  • It’s the national dish of Korea.
  • It can be mild or incredibly spicy.
  • It’s becoming wildly popular in the US.


Most importantly, Kimchi very healthy – loaded with fiber and packed with antioxidants, Vitamin A & C, low in calories, carbs and sugars. Some even believe it lowers the risk of cancer.

Shi Jing Grilled CheeseInspiration behind the Dish 

My research behind Kimchi was vast and varied. I found that the earliest mentions of Kimchi were in the Chinese Xin Nan Shan poem of the Shi Jing. That inspired the name of our latest sandwich creation here at The Mixx.Every month, I do lots of food research looking for what Mixx customers and fans may like. The Shi Jing Grilled Cheese is the culmination of some of that research as is our new Azteca Cobb Salad special. It’s a South-of-the-Border take on a traditional Cobb salad. I recommend it topped with a nest of crispy turkey. Now that’s a food trend The Mixx is on the cutting edge of!

Stop in to The Mixx to taste these two new specials with plenty of fusion flair.

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